Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

    Late last year an indie team called Mongoose Rodeo revealed an upcoming Metroidvania called Crowsworn. It quickly received attention due to its seeming high quality and its similarities to the ever-popular Hollow Knight. It’s even got the same PR guru, Matthew Griffin! The devs recently launched the official Crowsworn Kickstarter, and it reached its goal in just three hours! Since then, it’s been smashing through stretch goals with three down already! You can check out the trailer below.

    Crowsworn Kickstarter trailer

    About the game

    Crowsworn is a “dark and mysterious, action-packed Metroidvania” set in a grim fantasy world of men and monsters. Here’s a sneak peek at the plot:

    In Fearanndal, a dark and oppressive world, where even the air seems to carry weight, you awake from a deep slumber. You find yourself in a coffin, buried in an unmarked grave, surrounded by unfamiliar territory. Seemingly void of purpose, you venture forth attempting to retrace your steps and regain your lost memories.

    Leaving your grave behind, you discover the small dilapidated village of Angsthel. The village is inhabited by peculiar characters with unknown intentions. The inhabitants speak of a world cursed by a dark god. They speak of a world forced into perpetual penance for the sins of its fathers.

    Combat in Crowsworn boils down to three main weapons: the scythepistols, and Corvian magic. The scythe is great for close combat, while the pistols take enemies out from afar. Meanwhile, Corvnian magic takes on many forms, like long-ranged projectiles, area-of-effect explosions, and shadow hands that pull enemies to their doom.

    Kickstarter stretch goals

    The Crowsworn Kickstarter was successfully funded (with a goal of just over $100,000 USD or 125,000 CAD) in no time at all, and now it’s on to stretch goals! Donors have already unlocked the Boss Rush Mode, Nightmare Mode, and the Tribunal of the Damned. Next up: voice acting! Fearanndal’s characters will be voiced in English once the target of 375,000 CAD, or roughly $300,000. After that, an additional five stretch goals have been teased, but they’re all still mysteries.

    Crowsworn is tentatively targeting release in late 2023, although the team hopes to finish it before then. They’re also targeting release on Steam, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles. In the meantime, you can check out the Kickstarter by clicking here!

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