The new conceptual art Dragon Age 4 puts the old crows in front and in the center

In light of the news that nothing will be shown about Dragon Age 4 or the new Mass Effect on EA Play this year, executive producer Christian Dailey decided to share a little delight to help fans of the tide. While not a trailer, the conceptual art of Dragon Age 4 puts the Crows back in the spotlight.

The Crows come from the beautiful homeland of Antiva (I hope you read it with Zevran’s voice, if not, I’m disappointed and just wanted you to know). We first met them at Dragon Age Origins with our adorable killer turned companion Zevran Arainai. Zevran was a crow before he got his mark: the director, us. Eventually, he can become a close friend, even a lover, and a basic element that re-emerged in Dragon Age II with a small side mission, and back to Inquisition as a War Table mission. . The above conceptual art shown has many, including me, convinced that it will return once again, and not as a text, to Dragon Age 4, but before entering this Check out the latest conceptual art shared below:

The previous tweet reads: “Hello friends: sorry for not having news about EA Play this year, but please know that the team is upside down with a big boost and moving forward. We are happy to share more when it comes to right time “. A good gesture to include conceptual art, except that now my conspiracy theory brain will be crazy all weekend. I have already explained how I am sure we will get a companion of Mortalitasi de Navarra and how I think Solas is responsible for Red Lyrium, now I can say that my mind is preparing to do everything possible to deepen Crow tradition. They could be worse ways to spend a weekend. But what about that Zevran assent I mentioned? Let’s dive, shall we?

First, let’s look at conceptual art for Zevran, official art directly from BioWare. Consider the hood, the strikes, and the pattern of the draped cloak? Your clamp? Well, keep in mind:

Art by Matt Rhodes, who worked on the Dragon Age games

Ignoring its bad look, let’s compare it to the following image, which is the official conceptual art that was part of the Dragon Age 4 revelation during The Game Awards:


A Crow can be seen sneaking into an unexpected contact

There’s no denying that the gear is the same, so obviously it’s a crow, but it is ours Crow? This has yet to be seen, especially seeing that we only get a bare track of her chest and skin tone. No facial features or familiar tattoos can be seen, but he appears to be a light-hearted male character. Light as an elf, perhaps? Viously, obviously, this is just a guess at the moment, but I know this is a fairly common consensus among the Dragon Age community. Maybe if we wait long enough, we’ll see him again.

If you look at my previous analysis of Mortalitasi and its role with Dragon Age 4, the chance of Zevran returning is actually much higher than many might think, especially considering we seem to be able to have this Mortalitasi companion mentioned. Given that this group of high-ranking magicians focused on necromancy is the Nevarran elite and has deep roots for both Antiva and Tevinter, it seems that Solas ’betrayal may be the least worrying.

I think it’s great that BioWare is so transparent with their communications. Although both Dragon Age 4 and the upcoming Mass Effect have been revealed with trailers, both projects are still too early in development to have anything substantial to share. It’s good for fans to know that both are in the works, but make sure from now on you temper with managed expectations and that honesty is key. This is exactly what this team does, especially in the face of big events adjacent to E3 like EA Play.

Thoughts on the latest conceptual art of Dragon Age 4? What do you think of this tin leaf hat? Do you think it’s Zevran or do I have to go get some Zzzzz? Sounds in the comments section below, our manager would like you to do so.