I used to dedicate one day a week to cyberpunk news, but these days the deluge of titles has calmed down a bit. While the quantity has dropped, perhaps the quality has improved, as Divination has got me excited.

From the ever-prolific Eastasiasoft (do check out their latest Seven Pirates H – it’s brill), this cyberpunk graphic novel has you trapped inside a room of screens that can predict the future. Think Minority Report without the baldies.

You play as the Diviner – a fortune teller that uses technology to forecast their clients’ future. In Divination, you use runes to inform your clients of their fate – which could mean death. It is just humans you’re dealing with, but robots too.

Here are the key features:

  • Immerse yourself in a cyberpunk setting illustrated in dark graphic novel style!
  • Meet a variety of clients seeking answers, some human and some robotic.
  • Arrange runes in a variety of ways to make your predictions.
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue that presents real-world issues through a sci-fi lens.
  • Decide the fate of each character and the populace via interwoven cause-and-effect!
  • Witness your impact on the world through TV screens and news reports.

And a trailer:

Seven Pirates H has been my go-to game on the Switch of late, but now that adventure is over, I’ll be looking to mess with the futures of NPCs in Divination. Look out for a review around the release date, the 18th of May, for PS4/5, Switch and the Xboxeseses – priced at US $4.99/€4.99 respectively.

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